"I am"

A photography project about exploring beyond the physical appearance in pursuit of capturing the "inner face" of the women in front of the camera.

No make-up or special hair styling, no retouching. Simply come and be, as you are. 

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An Invitation

to women of all ages and stages of life to reflect on WHO they are, WHAT they are or WHY they are by experimenting with letting go of others' definitions of female beauty and allowing themselves to feel authentic, strong, vulnerable, beautiful and empowered.  

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I am




I am ME 

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Let's start a conversation

around confidence, self-love and self-care; about the difficulty of being authentic and how to break away from trendy stereotypes, commercial and social standards of beauty and self-worth. 

I want to hear your thoughts and stories of courage and self-empowerment. 

Pricing: The photo session is complimentary and requires the signing of a model release. Every woman will be presented with 20 images and gifted two 4x6 images of her choice with the option to purchase more.  

Details: These photo sessions are an hour long and include a short interview along with 1-2 outfit changes. Since the images are going to be converted into black and whites, please wear monochromatic colors (black, white, muted palette in general) with no patterns and signs; clothes you feel comfortable and confident in. Further details will be emailed to you after booking your session. 

Location: Sessions are held at our studio in downtown Cary, NC.   

If photographers are responsible for creating or reflecting an image of women in society, then, I must say, there is only one way for the future, and this is to define women as strong and independent. This should be the responsibility of photographers today, to free women, and finally everyone, from the terror of youth and perfection...There is no beauty without truth. All this fake, making up of a person into something which is not the person, that can’t be beautiful...Here is a definition of beauty I can relate very much to: ‘you are beautiful when you have the courage to be yourself.’
— Peter Lindbergh